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pre WWll

The Gold Family pre-war,

Left to right: Hanna, David, Leib, Shoshana, Esther

Pinczow Town Council with Leib Gold

Pińczów Town Council, showing Leib Gold circled in the top row.

Directly under the two larger men's photos, first man on the left is Leib's friend Marion who attempted to save the Gold family.


Jews of Pińczów rounded up by the Germans and marched to the transports in Jedrzejow to be taken to the Treblinka death camp.

David at the age of twelve, forced to wear an armband to label him a Jew.

The punishment for any Jew caught not wearing an armband was death.

Barn in Kolkow Poland where the Jews were hidden

The barn where some of the Gold family hid for over two years, fighting starvation, extreme temperatures, lice and rodents.

Food List
Slats hiding hidden enclosure

Removing two boards revealed the

cramped hiding place under the hayloft.

Food List

As boredom set in while in hiding, David used the back of the Judenrat papers to keep a food log.

Some of the items listed are cabbage, milk, bread.

Judenrat papers
Judenrat papers

David and Hanna's Judenrat papers from the Dzialoszyce ghetto.

David's wallet

The tiny wallet that twelve year old David kept with him the entire twenty-six months he was hidden.

In it he kept his Judenrat papers, seen in the above photos.

Gold family home in Pinczow Poland

The Gold family home in Pińczów Poland.

Polish bank built on Gold family's property

Today, a Polish bank sits on the Gold property.

Shoshana Gold & Fishl Burakowski

Post war, Shoshana and her husband

Fishl Burakowski

Esther Gold & Favel Biel

Post war, Esther and her husband

Favel Biel

Esther Eisenstat & David Gold

Post war, David and his wife

Esther Eisenstat


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